Impermanent Bond


Through photography, archival imagery and quilting, my work explores the boundaries and transformation between a mother and child.  Representations of dependence and trauma influence the bond over time between my mother and myself. A part of my mother’s family history, the tradition of quilting is contextualized within a narrative of cancer diagnosis and completion of adolescence. Engaging in this act has allowed for greater comprehension of her mortality, while conversely reverting back to a child-like anticipation represented in this work. 


The photographs used in the work are a reappropriation of my familial history and create a greater association to universal nostalgia. The shape of each quilt referencing the home in which this narrative has taken place can easily be representative of a typical suburban home. Altering archival photographs with intense crops focused on gestures of physicality contrast the instabilities which occur. While further abstracting the people directly associated in the images. The outlying fabric of repurposed clothing belonging to my mother and myself have gone unused due to my growth and her treatment. Binding the duality of past and present circumstances surrounding each quilt delineates two separate, but inherently connected people. Furthermore, by intermingling current photographs an archival the confluent struggle creating a volitional and exigent trepidation of loss within the family structure.




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