In situ


By using aesthetics of product photography, In situ is a catalouge of personal clothing items that equally display the gesture of domestic life and the elastic qualities of photogrpahy. At the time of photographing, this grouping of individual articles made up the entirety of my wardrobe. I took note of the orientation of each object as I removed them from their place and, then, recipricated the gesture on a plain backdrop. For instance, the jeans neatly folded were found that way the day I photographed, and, in turn, the dirty sock I found on the ground was left uncleaned and bunched up for it's time in front of the camera, and so forth. This imbalance in documentation, both representational yet removed from original context, speak to both the transcience of source and the flexibility of photographic realties. The totality of the catalouge, in terms of my ownership over the articles represented, compiles to form a subtle identity. 



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